English Vocabulary: Make / Made / Made

Make es un verbo en inglés que suele causar problemas. Os facilitamos unos ejemplos para ir mejorando tu inglés.


To make coffee.

To make dinner.

Make a…

The teacher is making a photocopy.

He’s making a film.

The group of children is making a noise.

Common Mistakes with MAKE:

I made a mistake.   OK

I have to make my homework.   WRONG  I have to do my homework.

I have to make an exam next week. WRONG I have to do an exam next week.

When I get up, I make my bed. OK

I’m going to make an appointment with the doctor. OK

I’d love to make a photo of you. WRONG I’d love to take a photo of you.

I’ll help you make the dishes after lunch. WRONG I’ll help you do the dishes after lunch.

Makes me feel

Walking to work makes me feel tired.

When my brother calls me stupid, it makes me feel angry.

That song always makes me feel sad.



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